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     I'm bored as you've probably ascertained from the subject head. Anyways, today was a very blah day. I have been asleep more today than awake and it really feel like it as well. I still have not obtained a good job though I'm still looking. I did hear from Emory University about a research interviewer position that I had excitedly applied for. They emailed me...uhm...was it three days ago? Anyways, they had responded by email saying that they were considering my resume...YAY!!! On another positive note, I'm supposed to hear from someone about a case manager position with the new detention center they are establishing in my area. Not sure when the call is going to be...but the guy said that I should be expecting a call.

     My physical therapy is quickly getting on my nerves. I've maxed out there weights and I'm doing most, if not all, of my exercises on my own...granted, I should be doing them on my own. However, with me paying them money, I should IN THE LEAST have some assistance. I will be going back there tomorrow at 1:30p and I'll probably end up doing it all myself. Speaking of my back, my attorney has yet to call me with the confirmation of the deposition with Liberty Mutual....grrrrr. 

     Let's get off of such touchy subjects. So anyways, chess is making the days seem a bit shorter thankfully. I've gotten well past the abilities of most players, though I've reached that goal a long time ago lol. I'm beginning to realize, at long last, what they are talking about when they ramble on about position. I had an inkling of what position meant, in terms of gaining space and having your pieces positioned for max efficiency. However, I've become aware that on top of all that, you have to position your pieces for two purposes. First of all, to always be threatening an attack of some sort...maybe not the next move but more of a contingency. Secondly, the position must agree with the situation. Also, the term 'key squares' have been etched into my head now. Going back to the job searching thing, I'd filled an application for a chess coach position. I called them back a week after a half afterwards and I felt I was getting the run around. Basically, I got the gist that if I wasn't USCF rated then I'm not good enough to teach chess to kids in elementary schools. I wanted so much to say that in four servers I'm rated above 1800 and you can stuff USCF up your !@# but...I was refraining from making a total jerk of myself. The reason why I'm not a member of the USCF is because...no surprise here...I HAVE NO MONEY TO THROW AWAY!!! It's $35.00 to become a member and honestly with no job and no income...I can't afford it. Plus, I don't have the time nor the gas to go to all these tournaments to actually GET an "official rating" (pinky up). Whatever, I know I can teach kids chess because I've done it for two years while I was in college. Which brings me to a story that I heard from YouTube. One of the Polgar sisters (to those who know them) and her husband have sued the USCF for something...if anyone knows why, I would love to know. Anywho, they sued them for...what was it?....10M? The result was that the USCF, in retaliation, revoked her membership....LMAO...that is what I say. It doesn't really matter if she has a rating and a lifetime membership to it, that woman could outplay just about anyone...even dear ole Kasparov. BTW, he's funny to watch when he makes a mistake lol. My point is....I think it was Suzan Polgar...so anyways, my point is, Suzan doesn't need the USCF. It's kinda like banning Tom Cruise from making another movie...who cares??? he can retire on the movies he's already made!! Anyways, maybe it's old news lol.

     Now that I got my geek on, I'm going to end with what I'll be doing tomorrow. It's going to be a pretty fun day too! I get to hang out with my close friend (close meaning I've known them since 6th grade...let's see...17 years ago O_o!!) All of them are considered to be my brothers. So total, I have 5 brothers and 1 sister :). Not bad for an only child lol. OMG, I just realized I'm the middle child lmao!..figures. So, I meet them at my brother Michael's house at 6p and then we're all heading out to Wild Wings for...yep, you guessed it WINGS lol. We're planning on a bachelor party for my other brother Dusty and I'm the best man...OH YEAH!! (Doing the PeeWee herman). We've decided to do a trip to Savannah with a ghost hunting theme added to it. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to know where to go and shtuff. Well, it's quite late and I need to get some sleep...not really but I'm bored enough to go to sleep. I hope everyone is doing alright and I'll write more soon. CIAO



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Aug. 31st, 2009 05:11 am (UTC)
Okay, thats better :) I got acknowledged in this post :D
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