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LJ Lonliness

 Is there such thing as LJ loneliness? Except for my fabulous sis who comments on every post I write on my account I don't have any other friends to share my weird tastes and geeky discoveries and debates with. It's a pretty lonely LJ experience to be completely honest with you. However, I'll keep on writing until either I come up with a perfect statement about life in general, a meet other people, or I die. Though hopefully I won't die in the near future.

To get away from such miserable thoughts, I want to talk about todays events. One of my brothers came to visit me today. He actually just wanted to transfer some songs to his new iPod Touch since he doesn't have any internet whatsoever. However, he came with a 25 dollar iTunes gift card which is now being put to good use as I write this post hehe. Before we began downloading songs and such, we went to Wild Wings for some awesome buffalo wings and sweet tea. I ate probably around 25 wings before I gave up. That doesn't compare to what I ate last weekend at Joe's Crabshack lol. OH...before I go on with this story I have to say this about last weekend. I bought a beer at Taco Mac that cost me 11.50....and I don't even like beer lol. Anyways, back to the original story. After leaving Wild Wings, we went back to my place and commenced with the music downloads. He downloaded some Soulja Boy, Jimmy Martin, and some random applications while I bought Disturbed Indestructible cd and Flogging Molly's cd (can't remember the title of it.) At this moment, the Indestructible cd is pretty kickin' though I'm not a huge fan of Disturbed (I'm more of a Godsmack guy). Haven't listened to the Molly cd but soon....very soon. 

After finishing with song searching I finally made him register on Facebook. Now, I know he doesn't have internet at home but on the various times where he come across wifi spots, he'll be a little more to-date with civilization. He actually spent three hours on Facebook before leaving for his house (that was about an hour included in teaching him how to actually use Facebook). All in all, it was a relatively good day though I still haven't heard from any job prospect or my attorney. I feel like I'm the only one left out of the economical loop, but that is another post. Anyways, hope all is well for those who read this. Take care and I'll write again.


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Sep. 4th, 2009 09:26 pm (UTC)
You find LJ friends through (a) Facebook and (b) joining communities. Go join a chess community, or an abnormal psychology community, or whatever interests you, and you will find interesting, likeminded people to be friends with :) You'll notice nearly all my LJ following are horse and photography people.

That aside, I love Flogging Molly and Taco Mac. You should come steal some of my 10500 songs.
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