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Little obsessions.

 I think I may have a few obsessions. I'll be the first to admit it, I have an obsession with journals. I love to get journals, no matter what size, length, width, style, type, brand, etc. I just love to collect journals and you know what is so weird?? Not that just collecting journals is weird enough but to NOT want to write in them if the strangest part about it! I'm actually looking at three of about six that I have total. One is a Moleskin which is my favorite since it has a little rubber strap that keeps the journal together (because I hate book, journal, whatever that are bent). The next one that I'm looking at right now is a wire bound coke journal that I bought Sunday evening at the World of Coke in Atlanta. As I said, it's wire bound and has a pic of a coke on the first page but the cover has outlined the coke image so that there is a coke bottle on the cover...I think that sentence is confusing but oh well. Anyways, the third one is just a leather journal that I had bought from Barnes and Noble a long time ago. I was going to use it for my chess notations and games and such but...it just looked oh so cool that I couldn't bear to write in it. 

Let's see, my 2nd obsession is planning. I freak out if events change drastically. Seriously, I get ill and begin to rant and rave about the unexpected change in plans. I'm not quite sure if that's my ADD shining through or I'm just OCD but I obsess about planning and plans in general. Just try to change something unexpectedly on me and see if I don't go at you like rabid hamster. As Wyatt Earp on Tombstone proclaimed, "Tell him I'm comin' and Hell's coming with me!" That's me if plans go awry. 

Third obsession...being the best at anything I do...that one was hard to accept. My friends actually said that about me before I even knew that I had that mindset! Fortunately, I have seen the light. I do have a superiority problem when it comes to anything that I do or try to achieve. I apologize in advance if I ever do this to you but apparently I can't help it. For example, I have to be the best in chess...I know I will NEVER achieve that but...for those that have the unfortunate luck to actually play me at chess...well, you're S.O.L and if you do manage to win...I'm pissed off lol. Eventually, I get over it but for the time being afterwards...it's bad. I think that is why I try to not play any game seriously.

And the fifth obsession I have is...(drum roll)....sharpened pencils!!! YES YES YES, come and see my amazing and dangerous collection of sharpened pencils. Okay, so maybe I went overboard on that but it is true, somewhat. I have amassed a sizeable collection of pencils that I have sharpened to the point where they will actually hurt you...bad, if you don't be careful with them. I actually bought four...wait, five pencil sharpeners before I finally found the one that sharpens precisely the way I want them to be sharpened. I discovered such a divine sharpening instrument when I meandered my way through the curious aisles of Office Depot. You may ask, "do you have an electrical pencil sharpener or a manual?" My answer is...manual. I feel that the electrical sharpeners don't quite get them as sharp as I prefer them to be. For anyone who's curious about what brand of pencil I use, it's a Foray. 

So, anyways I hope you all enjoy reading about my little obsessions. I'm not a total weirdo but I have some moments. Write more later on random stuff. Take care.


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Sep. 1st, 2009 04:22 pm (UTC)
No no. You're definitely a total weirdo :P
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